The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, to be premiered Feb 2023 by Guerilla Opera at MIT.

Requiem (2020), for Chorus, soloists and orchestra, commissioned by Emmanuel Music, Watch

Pars Deu, Amins (2020), for soprano, chorus (SATB), flute, violin, harp and drum, commissioned by Cappella Clausura, Watch

Cosmic Cowboy, (opera), in progress, commissioned by White Snake Projects,
to be produced Fall 2022

Ars Poetica: Rally (2016), for chorus and string orchestra, commissioned by Musica Viva New York, poetry of Elizabeth Alexander, premiere May 20, 2018, NY

Crafting the Bonds (2016) supported by an Opera America Grant, premiered June 11, 2017

Eve (2014) commissioned by Cantata Singers, premiered November 2014

Cassandra in the Temples (2014) commissioned by Roomful of Teeth, premiered November 2014

Bears (2013) commissioned by the Providence Singers, premiered April 2014

They Used to Ask Me…(2012) for 9 solo women’s voices and women’s chorus, text Margaret Atwood, 5 minutes, commissioned by the Radcliffe Women’s chorale.

Long Pond Summer (2012) for a cappella chorus (SATB), text Brendan Galvin, 4 minutes

Alleluia, Gloria (2010) Chorus and Orchestra, commissioned by MIT, 6 minutes

Averno (2008) solo soprano, solo baritone, chorus, oboe, harp, timpani, string orchestra,

text Louise Gluck, 40 minutes (Washington DC and New York, NY) BUY CD Buy Now

Manhattan Trade School for Girls (2007) girl’s chorus and string quartet, silent film score, text taken from film, 15 minutes Watch

Toussaint Before the Spirits (2003) opera (soprano, 2 tenors, baritone, oboe, harpsichord, 2 percussion, timpani, 2 violins, viola, ‘cello, bass) text Smart Bell/Spires, 50 minutes (Opera Boston) Watch

Gospel Cha Cha (2001) solo baritone, chorus (SATB) orchestra, 18 minutes (Plymouth Music, Minneapolis; Washington Chorus, D.C.; Trinity Choir, NY). Buy CD Buy Now

Cricket, Spider, Bee (1999) chorus (SATB), harp, timpani, percussion, string orchestra, text Emily Dickinson, 9 minutes (numerous US performances) Buy CD Buy Now

Cricket, Spider, Bee (1999) chorus (SATB), harp, timpani, percussion, text Emily Dickinson, 9 minutes (numerous US performances)

Rain Down (1989) chorus (SATB) and piano, text Mary Ellen Solt, 8 minutes (Trinity Choir, NY) Watch

Slender Wind (1988) soprano, percussion, bass, piano, 4 minutes (Juilliard School, NY)



Violin Concerto No. 2 Return (2021) for Natalie Lin Douglas and MITSO

Quiet Streets, (2020) commissioned by Lara Downes, for solo saxophone, piano and string orchestra, online premiere, Oct 30, 2020

Unquiet Earth (2020), for full orchestra, 25 minutes, commissioned by the Keewenaw Symphony Orchestra

Piano Concerto No. 1 (2017), commissioned by A Far Cry, premiere October 21, 2017 Watch

Violin Concerto (2016) for violin and orchestra, commissioned by the Richmond Philharmonic, premiered March 19, 2017

Shadow Light (2016) for viola and orchestra, commissioned by the New Orchestra of Washington Listen

Summer Days (2012) for orchestra, Commissioned by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project Listen

Cloud Atlas (2011) solo cello, string orchestra, harp, 15 minutes (San Jose Chamber Orchestra) Listen

In Time of Silver Rain (2005) 10 piece brass ensemble and 1 percussion, 3 minutes (MIT inauguration and many commencements)

Ladder to the Moon (2003) orchestra: 2 fl, 1 ob, 1 cl, 1 bsn/2 hn, 2 tp, 1 trb, 1 bass trb/2 perc, timp, pno//strings, 12 minutes (Boston Modern Orchestra Project, MIT Symphony, other university orchestras) Listen

The Voyage Out (1995) 10 piece brass ensemble, 12 minutes (Capital Brass)

The Voyage Out (1995) 10 piece saxophone ensemble, 12 minutes (Killian Hall)

Shimmer (1995) string orchestra, 11 minutes (Metamorphosen Chamber orchestra, numerous university orchestras, on CD) Listen

Spin (1994) wind ensemble, 10 minutes (MIT wind ensemble)

Sky Above Clouds (1993) orchestra 3 fl,2 ob,3 cl, 2bsn/4 hn, 2 tp, 2 trb, 1 tba/1 perc, timp, harp//strings, 11 minutes (Cincinnati Symphony, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, numerous university orchestras) Listen

Vocalissimus (1991) chamber orchestra: 1 fl, 1 ob, 1 cl, 1 bsn/2 hn, 1 tp, 1 trb/2 perc, timp, pno//strings, 8 minutes (Omaha Symphony, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project). Listen

Travel Songs (2021) for Baritone and piano, commissioned by Stephen Salters and Donald Berman, text by Richard Blanco

Notorious RBG (2020) for solo soprano, text taken from Ruth Bader Ginsberg, commissioned by Cantata Singers

Not from the Stars (2019) for women’s chorus, commissioned by MIT for the Lorelei Ensemble, text by Shaakespeare

Exoplanets (2019) for women’s chorus, commissioned by MIT for the Lorelei Ensemble, text taken from astrophysics papers

A Supermarket in California (Walt Whitman Thoughts) (2016) for baritone and string quartet, commissioned by David Kravitz and the Arneis Quartet, text by Alan Ginsberg

Winter Solstice Songs (2012) commissioned by Nanette McGuiness

Five Men (2010) baritone, piano, text by Elizabeth Alexander, commissioned by Stephen Salters for his Kennedy Center recital.

Lullaby/Alleluia (2006) soprano, baritone, piano and digital delay, text partial mass, 17 minutes (New Gallery Concert Series, Boston)

Exodus (2006) soprano, violin, viola, cello, harp, text Sam Ragan, 10 minutes (premiere by the North Carolina Chamber Music Festival, other performances)

Song of the Silkie (2000) baritone, string quartet, text Laura Harrington, 15 minutes (multiple performances with Stephen Salters and the Biava, Lark and Shanghai String Quartets) Watch

Lullabies and Spring Songs (1998) baritone, piano, text Langston Hughes, 18 minutes (multiple international performances with Stephen Salters, baritone)



The Second Coming (2022) for string quartet and soprano, commissioned by WordSong for the Sheffield Chamber Players

Ninth String Quartet (2022) commissioned by Michael Leimer for the ES Quartet

Trust the System (2022) for piano and percussion, commissioned by Sarah Bob and Jessica Johnson

Celebration 15 (2022) for piano trio commissioned by Ensemble for these Times

Third Piano Trio (Ski, Kayak, Bike) (2021) for violin, cello and piano, commissioned by Tom Stone.

Equality, Justice, Freedom (or lack thereof…) (2021) for string quartet, bass and piano, commissioned by CityMusic Cleveland, premiere February 2022 Listen

Trois Gymnopedies (2020) for flute, viola and harp.

Eighth String Quartet (2020) Insect Dances, commissioned by the Arneis Quartet. WATCH MOVEMNT 1 Watch

Date Night (2020) for violin and cello, a gift for Jennifer Kloetzel and Peter Wilson.

Winter Night (2020) for violin, cello and piano, commissioned by the Neave Trio.

Walk Through a Strange Landscape (2019) commissioned by the Radius Ensemble, for oboe, viola and piano.

Seventh String Quartet (2019) for string quartet co-commissioned by the Delgani, Arneis and Quartet Nouveau Quartets. Listen

Anniversary Song (2019) for oboe and viola, commissioned by Ethan Filner

Piano Quartet (2018) for violin, viola, cello and piano, commissioned by Jennifer Kloetzel

Five Dance Overtures for Brass Quintet (2018), premiered by the Metallurgy Quntet, Beaver Island, MI

Icarus, (2018) for clarinet and string quartet. Commissioned by Jon Manassee and the Cape Cod Chamber Music Festival. Listen

Viola Sonata, (2017) for viola and piano. Commissioned by Ethan Filner.

Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) (2016) for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano. Commissioned by Lontano, London. WATCH Watch

The Worlds Revolve (2016) for piano and string quartet. Commissioned by the Rockport Chamber Music Festival for Donald Berman and the Borromeo Quartet. Listen

Quetzal Garden (2015) for flute and string quintet. Commissioned by Radius Ensemble. Watch

Cello Sonata (2015) for cello and piano. Commissioned by Rhonda Rider.

it’s about time (2014) for violin, clarinet, cello, harp, guitar, frame drum. Commissioned by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players and the Jebediah Foundation.

Second Violin Sonata (2013) for violin and piano, premiered at MIT  Listen

Lift (2013) for solo cello, premiered at MIT Listen

Sixth String Quartet (2012) for string quartet, 23 minutes, commissioned by the Cypress String Quartet, premiered in San Francisco. Watch

Shukria (2012) for 2 violins, 3 minutes

Rumengling (2012) flute and piano, commissioned by Christine Gustafson, 12 minutes

Deschutz Driftwood (2010) string quartet, for silent film, commissioned by the National Film Preservation Foundation, 10 minutes, DVD

Bel Canto (2009) String Quartet, 28 minutes (premiere in Herbst Theater, San Francisco, numerous national performances with the Cypress Quartet) LISTEN Watch

Adrienne and Amy (2009) violin and piano, 11 minutes (premiere at City College of New York, 3 subsequent performances in Boston with violinist Irina Muresanu) Watch

Prelude Variations (2008) violin and cello (or viola and cello), 10 minutes (premiere at Club Café, Boston, multiple chamber music performances)  Watch

Blackberries (2007) clarinet, cello, piano, 11 minutes (premiere at Cranbrook Academy, MI, the Eero Trio, many other performances) Listen

Blackberries (2007) violin, cello, piano, 11 minutes

Fourth String Quartet (2005) string quartet, 31 minutes (premiere at Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco, numerous national performances with the Cypress Quartet) Watch

Mozart Remix (2004) vcl and harpsichord, 12 minutes (premiered by James Wilson in Augsburg, Germany)

Third String Quartet (2001) string quartet, 22 minutes (premiered at Rockport Chamber Music festival, the Borremeo Quartet, numerous national performances with the Cypress Quartet) Watch

The Law of Floating Objects (2000) five flutes, 12 minutes (premiered at First Church, Boston, Sue Ellen Hershman Tcherepnin, numerous national performances by various players) Listen

The Scarlatti Effect (1997) violin, ‘cello, piano, 12 minutes (premiered at First Church, Boston, Don Berman trio) Listen

Black and White (1993) clarinet, piano, 8 minutes (premiered at First Church, Boston, numerous national performances by various players) Listen

First String Quartet (1991) string quartet, 20 minutes (premiered at Killian Hall, MIT, the Shanghai Quartet) Watch

Of Water and Clouds (1986) flute and piano, 10 minutes (premiered at Alice Tully Hall, NY, numerous national performances by various players) Listen


Faro Dreams of Chess and Francie’s Walk (2021), for solo violin, commissioned by Cecily Ward

Album for Sophie (2021) solo piano, ca 40’

Cricket the Fiddler (2020), commissioned by Jennifer Kloetzal, solo cello, premiered online October 2020, ca 8’

109 Improvisations (2020), commissioned by Jessica Johnson, ca 7’

The Beyond, Sky Above the Clouds and Island with Clouds (2020) for solo piano, commissioned by Lara Downes, ca 9’

Erinnerung (2019) for solo piano, commissioned by David Deveau, ca 8’

Music Pink and Blue (2018), commissioned by Lara Downes, 4’ Listen

Summer on the Lakes in 1835, solo piano, 8 minutes, Piano, commissioned by Donald Berman Listen

Gin Fizz (2016) solo piano, 3 minutes, commissioned by Elaine Kwon

Cloud Forest (2015) solo cello, 8 minutes, commissioned by Rhonda Rider

In C, too (2015) solo piano, 3 minutes, commissioned by Sarah Cahill Watch

Klein Suite I and II (2011) solo violin, solo viola or solo cello, 6 minutes (premiered by competitors in the Klein International String Competition, numerous performances by Irina Muresanu) Listen

Red (2008) solo violin, 10 minutes (premiered in Fort Townsend, Wa by Cecily Ward, numerous national performances) Watch

Jane Wang considers the dragonfly (2007) flute, digital delay, 11 minutes (premiered at Killian Hall, Sarah Brady, flute. Numerous New England performances) Listen

Preludes (2002) solo piano, 12 minutes (premiered by Collage New Music, numerous national performances) Watch

Cymbal and Spice (2000) for the Kurzweil 2500, 12 minutes (premiered with the Nicola Hawkins Dance Company, Boston and New York performances)